Tips for Choosing the Best Self Storage Facility

17 Feb

When you have decided to move some of your items into a self-storage facility, choosing the best one might be a challenge. Mostly, this is because you do not want to settle for the first one that you find around the corner. Self-storage facilities do not get built in the same manner. When selecting the best one, you will need to consider: the security, maintenance, and customer service. You need to look for a facility which has invested in the best security features. It should have a secure fence all round so that any unauthorized person gets deterred from gaining entrance. Also, customers are the only ones who should be allowed access to such a facility. They should not be allowing any person who wishes to walk around the facility to see what is in it.

Take your time to observe whether there is enough lighting around the self-storage facility from this homepage. It should also have surveillance cameras that are functional so that they can record what is happening throughout the day and night. Still, on the issue of security, the facility should allow you to lock your unit and keep the keys to yourself only. Otherwise leaving a copy to the central office might be risky. When you need to contact the facility at any time of the day, it should not be complicated. Also, the customer service agents should be courteous and willing to offer the necessary help. Sometimes you want to get feedback as soon as possible. Therefore, they should also be knowledgeable. In most cases, this means that they should have all the information relating to the self-storage facility at their fingertips. You should note the duration it takes them to return a call after you have left a message.

Most likely, this is the same duration they will be taking to respond to your call when you have questions regarding your unit. You will know whether the self-storage is excellent the first time you see it. This means clean and well-kept units, insulated ceilings and with raised concrete pads so that the units are always dry. See this definition at

One should also note how the landscaping is carried out. It is a reflection of what you will find in the inside of the facility. The areas with grass should be neatly mowed as well as having a clear driveway from obstacles. A well-maintained facility is also a guarantee that your items will also be well all the time. The above tips are just a few that should guide you through the process of finding the best self-storage facility. Take your time, and you will succeed in finding the best one. Read more here!

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